For a Mother

Something I have to say before I start: My mother doesn't live here. And anyway we (as a family) we don't celebrate Mother's Day in any calendar. However, we are big at gifting (we love gifts so very much). So, I hope you like my suggestions on gifts for mothers. 

You may have seen the same picture in my Instagram HERE (which I changed its name). But I wanted to share this in a post here as well, to talk you through these gifts ideas. Because you know it's not easy to talk very much on Instagram (or it's maybe a rule I just made up). No matter if it'e true or not, here are some gifts ideas from food to home, hobbies and beauty. Also, with price tags start from $9.99 to $185. Hope you find something interesting in these suggestions: 

Clockwise: 1. Atelier Cologne in Vanille Insensée. I only owned a deluxe sample size. In a million year, I would not thought I would like a vanilla scented cologne. In general. I don't like sweet scents. And I find vanilla scented things a bit cheap and immature (it is a personal preference). However, this one is very luxury and sophisticated. There is a sourness going thought it. Which give it more depth and multi dimensional. The 6.7oz bottle featured in the picture above retails for $185 on (you can choose smaller sizes for less) 2. I wrote about Artifact Uprising before HERE. Since then I ordered another album. I love their albums it's very elegant. And I think a Gift Certificates from their website would be a very beautiful gift for the mother how love to photograph and collect family pictures. The prices starts from $28.99 to $69.00. 3. Caldrea Body Oil in Coconut & Fig Leaf for $28 4. When I ordered it I was a bit hesitant if I going to like the scent or not. I was afraid it going to smile either like food or it may smile artificial. Which obviously something I don't like in my body oils. It smile like spa, and my skin absorbs it very quickly. 4. Aphrodite : A Memoir of the Senses by Isabel Allende is one of my favorite books. It's very entertaining. It's about the sensuality of food. I believe every women whither she cooks or not, would enjoy this book. You can find it at Amazon for $15.82 5. Maybe a new beautiful, fun knobs is everything your mother need this Mother's Day. At least this what I want. These Lizard knob (set of two) for $14.90 from Zara Home (which is one of my favorite mid-range home-ware stores). 6. Almond Joy from Bee Raw honey. This set of jordan almonds and orange blossom honey I can say it would be my mother's favorite gift. I mean who don't like to receive honey and almonds? Not a sane person. At least not for me. It's organic and it's only $24 7. Face Cube acrylic stackable 2-in-1 organizer for $9.99. I wont say no to have this on my nightstand and put in it all my skincrae products I use at night. 

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