MWiP #7

3 posts! including this one. Not very bad week for someone how basically take the fact that she's blogging for fun very seriously. And if you curious about my little herbs garden. I think the herbs doing will so far.

Clockwise: (1). I bought this stackable crayon month ago. This week my LG started to stack them and doodle with them. And best part she cheer herself every time she done one of these two activities. (2). I kept replaying this song over and over again this week. I'm this kinda person. I listen to the same song intel death. (3). I watched this video on Martha Stewart's Instagram. I think it going to be in my DIY to do list. (4). If you know me, you know it's not an usual thing for me to got lost over picture of any kind of food. Well, I think am no longer a surviver. This picture from my Tumblr feed gave me a lesson in food porn. I've shouldn't act like I'm better than this. (5). Maybe another post about highliters will be here soon ;P. (6). I bought a new shampoo. It took me ages to realize it is the reason behind my not very good looking hair. I blamed everything (the water, the weather, even my haircut) and ignoring the fact that my weird hair started with me using that shampoo. I can't say anything about this one yet.  (7). Stuff from Ulta using my reward points. Also, I can't say if they are good or bad or meh :).

See you next week. 

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