MWiP #23

This week can sum my life. Two cities and french press and of course some sushi. I would call this a successful week. Boring I know! However, I've always enjoyed "boring" activities. I'm such an old soul :p !!. Any ways, here is what I've been up to in the last week:

Clockwise: (1). I feel it has been ages since I visited Baltimore city. I know It's not everyone's favorite, but I don't care. There is something nostalgic in this city. I don't know where's this feeling comes from. We where there to visit a friend, and we spent some good times there. (2). I've said it before, a visit to IKEA is always so nice. it always feel home, at least to me. Not because it's so cozy. I think because it always the same in any city, no matter what part of the world you are in. Well, it's kinda language everybody can speak. Well, I think this was very poetic and IKEA should award me for saying this. (3). In MWiP #19 edition I posted a picture of this blueberry + coconut flavored butter. Today a picture of the same butter in action. (4). Scrabble club in the market. Cool isn't? . (5). Entering the world of brewed coffee (6). Goat cheeseburger from Founding Farmers, DC. Love this city, and It's always nice to be there. (7). Small order from Vitacost. The most ugly looking, yet very addictive online shopping destination. 

See you next week

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