MWiP #28

Last weekend we decided to extend or stay with my cousins who lives in upstate NY. So, we was able to do more stuff in the surrounding area. And we've been introduced to some interesting things. Such as Japanese place where we had lunch in. They have a poster saying: look for our place in The Wolf of Wall Street. 

Clockwise: (1). I ordered these cute baby girl favors from lovely lady on Etsy. You can find her HERE. The basket and the whole wrapping thing made by me and everything from Michael's. I haven't taste it yet, (because it's not mine. DUH). However, here work is very fine and beautiful. (2). Watched The Book of Life earlier this week. It was ok. However, graphic design was amazing. Love it. (3). DIY idea. I know I'm so crafty. Martha Stewart would be so jealous. (4). Seen on NODA's wall in White Plains, NY. Fun Fact: do you know that Mark Zuckerberg was born in White Plains, NY? I didn't. This is how my cousin convinced her brother that the place they live in, is a cool place. (5). It was an attempt to make nice breakfast at home. I rearly make any breakfast at home. We just have toast or bowl of cereal that's it. (6). Something from Tarrytown, NY(7). And rainy day.

See you next week

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