MWiP #22

Unlike last week (weather wise), the weather this week was pretty chilly. And to honest I kinda questioned wither I really love colder months or not? I know it's very unlike me. I think having pretty moderate summer made me loathe summer less.  I'm aware that it's kinda strong statement. But I really really dislike sweating very much. I know it's natural it makes me very uncomfortable. And I hate to do any activities. (And now this is TMI).

Clockwise: (1). No, she doesn't like swings. She likes slides more. (2). I putted this bouncer, in a consignment store. Hope it sell to have more space in the place. (3). I'm trying to do some workout; jogging, hiking and walking. At least three days a week. But I think I'm in need for new activewear. (4). I watched this documentary called: Is the Man Who is Tall Happy? on Netflix, I would say it's very interesting and entertaining at the same time. (5). What I can say, I do love collabs. Is it sad if I say I was waiting for sunday since the last sunday? Well, I don't care I think collabs are the best thing happened in the 21st century. Don't worry internet was in the 20th century. (6). I don't think I own lots of makeup. But I believe I have enough for one person. So, I'm planning to put any makeup purchases on hold. At least till november.  (7). I opened a small store on Storenvy, to sell some thrift items I own. It called "Dolab" which means closet in Arabic. You can visit it HERE if you are interested. Also, there is a permanent link will be at the bar side on the left.  

See you next week

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