My Kinda Smokey Eyes

I've never been a smokey eyes kinda girl. I have quite big eyes and I've alway felt that smokey eyes would make my eyes looks like they occupied half of my face. No, I'm not complaining about the size of my eyes. I just don't like the look on me. Lately, I think things are changing, and I may finally found my inner smokey eyes girl. 

I know I've made it clear that I love makeup. However, I don't like to travel with it. I just think it takes too much space where I can use it to pack something more important. Having said that; sometimes I try to pack as less as possible, to see if I can do decent makeup with very few products. And this is how I "discovered" the smokey eyes which I can wear without feeling that my eyes are the only feature in my face.

First using the middle color (up) in the Essence All About... Nude palette. All over my eyelid. Then with Jane Cosmetics Water- Resistant Eye Liner in Deep Purple/Plum draw a line very close to the upper lash line (it doesn't have to be neat). With the same brush, I used to apply the base color; e.l.f. Blending Brush I take the dark purple-ish color (second row left) and smudge/blend the liner, tail I think it looks nice and smokey. With what lift on the brush I take it on my lower lash line. And VOILÀ smokey eyes with three products. My opinion on the Essence palette $4.99 at Ulta; if you can pass the crabby packaging I think it's a nice "neutrals" eyeshadow palette.  

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