Bigger, Brighter Eyes

If you care about makeup as much as I do, you may know about Charlotte Tilbury and her makeup line. If you don't care for makeup as much as I do, and you don't know her. Very briefly: she's a very well known makeup artist. And she launched her own makeup line last year. 
Earlier this month she came up with this kit called "Bigger, Brighter Eyes". It retails for £85 which is almost $150. For eyelash curler, mascara, nude eyeliner, kohl, and concealer/brightener. HERE you can buy it. 

Here are my "bigger, brighter eyes" tools. I didn't do the math, since I have most of the stuff for very long time. But I'm pretty sure it cost less than $150. 
Eyelash Curler: This one is no brainer. Everybody how knows a little about makeup knows you need eyelash curler to have more awake/open eyes. 
Tightlining Eyes: I knew how much different tightining your eyes can make. Specially for giving the appearance of fuller eyelashes. However, I've never manage to do it. Every time I tried to do it. my eyes start to tear up and ruin my makeup. So this mascara from It Cosmetics was a savior (warining: it's not cheap, but if you like me suffer from tightning your eyes, try this). It really gives the effect of tightlining the eyes with kohl pencil. 
Mascara: Of course. Use your favorite mascara. Know I'm using this one from Essence Beauty. I can't say I'm loving it yet. But it's nice, it does the job. I find it very natural looking. It doesn't give any volume, so nothing crazy. The good part it doesn't clump (which is something I don't like in my mascara). 
Lining Waterline: For the longest time. I avoided lining my water line with black kohl. I have big eyes. However, I don't like the look of my eyes with black waterline. I can't describe what it is. But I can say, it's not my thing. I tried white eyeliner and my eyes looked weird (just imagine big eyes with  even more white space). I tried nude liner and it was very red for my liking. My final attempt was something with shimmer. Because if I'm looking for brighter eyes it should reflect light since our eyes are not matte I think we should mimic this sheen to have the effect of brighter eyes. So, I decided to try an eyeliner in rose gold. I have this one from Jane Cosmetics. I'm loving it. (You can read more about it in HERE, and my comment and Hao's reply. 
Smudge Liner: Use brown eyeliner. and use it very lightly on your lower lashes and smudge a bit to give the illusion of a thicker lower lashes. 

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