The Good, the Meh and the Ugly

Ok, do I have to say the same phrase everyone says when they talk about things they don't like? That it is their opinion, and if it didn't work for them, it may work for others! Yes, this is true, but I do care about people's opinion in most of the products I use. Otherwise, why would I read/watch them talking about these products. So, yeah, here is my opinion on few moisturizers or products with oil or whatever, you get it. 

Palmer's Moisturizing Gel Oil: Palmer's products it's either hit or miss for me. Literally, hit or mess. I used to use Palmer's Cocoa Butter Cream, and I loved it I felt like I was a delicious piece of cake. I know I shouldn't talk about myself in this way. But this is what I felt, and I loved it. Also, I tried the stick formula and it was awful, I think it is one of the first thing in my life I throw before I finish. When we where in Boston last fall the very cold air crack our skins (I know skin doesn't crack, but this was how I felt). So, as an urgent measure I grabbed this gel oil, and long story short it was fail. It was super sticky, it takes ages to be absorbed and when I tried it on my LO she got bumps. It's just bad. I only kept it feature it in a post. 

Formula 10.0.6 Mattifying Moisturizer: After finishing my Simple I was looking for cruelty free moisturizer and this one was very appealing to me: "mattifying" isn't that what a girl with oily skin wants? first I think it is super watery. And I didn't like the smell. It's not bad, I just didn't like it. Finally, yes it's not shiny, but I don't think it moisturize enough. So, I kept it in my drawer for traveling, or maybe it would work better in the warmer months. 

Waxelene: I wasn't hoping for life changing product. I'm not a Vaseline fan to began with. And to be honest I only bought it to qualify for free add on shipping in Amazon for something I wanted. And because I had surgery to remove tiny lump in my back, and I guessed why not to try this to treat the scar. I can't report on how good it is on treating scars since it is 7 sketches scar and it takes maybe year or more to completely heal. However, I tried it on dry patches on my LO and it works very well. Also, sometime (very rear) I get chapped lips. So, I used it as a lip balm and it did work very well too. It's quite thick, so if you don't like this feeling just put it when you're going to bed, and leave it to work its magic during your sleep. 

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