2014 Best of Life's Random Picks

It's still January, so there is still time for last years's favorites post. First, I Just wanna say: I really tried hard to put these things in a proper category naming, but obviously, I have failed.  Nonetheless, I hope you find this post helpful, or at least entertaining. 

Where I have been before French Press? I don't know? But clearly, I was missing so much. I know the other food/drinks related stuff I feature here are tea. But I'm mainly a coffee drinker, and this what I use my french press to. The one I've been using I ordered from this seller on Amazon, you can find them HERE. They are super nice, and they do care about their costumer's satisfaction. A good tea is always welcomed in my life. As I said before; I'm more of a coffee person, but I do enjoy tea from time to time. Specially after heavy meal (This is where I like to drink my Mighty Leaf, Marrakesh Mint). Or in cold nights where I like to drink Twinings %100 Organic Chai. And please make some effort; Heat a cup of milk, add some sugar, stir it for a bit. Then, add your chai tea bag. Leave it on a very low heat for 7 mints or so. Always keep eye on it, and press the bag to release the flavors into the milk, and vola there you have it, a nice Masala Chai. Lastly, in food unrefined coconut oil. seriously, any brand will do. I don't use it on my hair or face, just because I'm happy with the things I use on both my face and hair right now. However, in cooking adding coconut oil to your recipes (both savory and sweet) Can elevate your cooking to a 3 stars restaurant level (almost). 

One of the most revolutionary changes in my life, in the past year is menstrual cups. No studies need to be conducted. But believe my, it reduces the stress from having your menstrual period to almost %70!! Yes this is %100 true, ask the experts (me DUH) HERE is more in depth. Another thing that would make a less enjoyable but must experience, more enjoyable is water flosser. We all know that flossing is really a step in our daily routine easily can ruin the day. So, people, make this a resolution for this year; Love yourselves and get one. 

I was very anti Instagram. The main reason was, it's ugly filters. However, after seeing many elegant services that is Instagram based, I decided to overcome my prejudices, and join the service. Artifact Uprising was indeed a service worth to join Instagram for HERE is a full review. Talking about bad filters VSCO is really a brilliant app for non shitty filters. Yes, I'm talking to you Instagram. Also, another service took me sometime to appreciate is Soundcloud. Keep it playing in the background and you will be surprise with so many good music choices. 

I think Goodwill, is one of the best things I've known this year. I know, I'm super late to the party. This is if there's a party still existing. Giving or taking, is always a good thing to do in this place. And the there's always something interesting to find. IKEA is another every year favorite. And this year STUGVIK hooks with suction cup is definitely something deserves an ovation. Lastly, if you feel like your place is like a dumpster. spray BBW Japanese Cherry Blossom and magically, things will appear to be less like a dumpster.  

And this will conclude my annual favorites posts.  

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