Why Menstrual Cup is Great for Traveling?

For the longest time, I wanted to write post other than MWiP post. So, here is one; Hope you find it helpful/like it.
If you remember I ordered my menstrual cup months ago. So, I think I can say, I have pretty good idea about this cup.

First, the menstrual cup I have is The Diva Cup, model 2. As the website recommended for me. In non traveling situation. I would say using the cup is very comfortable. Just follow the directions on how to insert it. And you're good to go. On the other hand, taking in it out is a bit uncomfortable, since it sucks air when you pull it out. But it's only for seconds. Walking, setting is very comfortable too. However, I find very small leakage when it's quite full and I'm setting. (This is the case with me). Although, I find in some pages online that is just fine to do any activity with it. So, I would say when you are using it during the heavy bleeding days, you need to check it regularly (every an hour or so, depending on how heavy you bleed). 
Now, I'll talk about "Why it is great for traveling?

  • First, it hardly takes any space when you are packing
  • You never need to ask yourself. Does I pack enough (pads/tampons)? 
  • Wont face: do you have extra pad/tampon? situation
  • You won't face any shortage, and need to run like crazy to the nearest pharmacy/ supermarket 
  • Never pray: "please let's them have my favorite brand/ type
  • Never be embarrassed when your friends don't have bin with a lid, or even bin at all in their bathroom
  • Never worry, where to put your waste in public restroom

These points are more than enough for me to be certain that is cups are the best solution for dealing with my menstrual cycle out there. 

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