Products My Daughter "Kinda" Enjoy

Believe me "kinda" is like almost great when it coms to my daughter's terms. Three things I know she can take it very personal; Shampooing, brushing her teeth and rubbing any oils/cream/lotion on her skin. I believe we both wish if we could skip any of these things, to spare us some of the drama. Unfortunately, modern life decided it's essential to go through these things at least once a week. 

Tom's of Maine Toddler Toothpaste in Mild Fruit
Let me give an intro about my LG night routine; she doesn't like to sleep. She thinks there are a lot of activities she would miss after she went to sleep. And let me tell you, brushing her teeth doesn't make it any easier. Previously, I used non cruelty free toothpaste I got from her pediatric dentist. Well, I believe it was her worst experience in life yet (I hope it will remain her worst experience in life) . So, we decided to try something els. 'Cause it was very obvious; she was suffering. In my local grocery store, Tom's Maine was the only natural / cruelty free option, and the packaging was nice so I picked it. And hallelujah; I believe the only hardship she face is opening her mouth. You can find it HERE 

California Baby Shampoo & Body Wash, Tea Tree & Lavender
I got this travel size one in a travel size bag includes different California Baby's products. I purchased this travel bag to include some of the product in a baby gift for someone I know who just had a baby. When I read "tea tree" I decided to keep it, and try it on my daughter who suffers from cradle cap (yes I googled: who to get ride of cradle cap). In my mind I though; tea tree may help to remove the very annoying cradle cap. 
I'm not sure it removes the cradle cap. But I'm sure she's now less irritated both during shampooing and even after that (she use to have a very itchy scalp). You can find it HERE 

Kiss My Face Cool Sport SPF 50 Continuous Spray Sunscreen
This was a Marshalls find. I wanted to try spry on sunscreen just because it wasn't easy to for me to apply sunscreen on my LG in one session. I needed to follow her round at least three times before we cover the whole body. With this one it was one time session, and she was very impressed with the technology and mainly by the cooling effect. You can find it HERE 

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