Healthy, Lazy People Perfect Snack

I'm not really embarrassed to admit that I'm terrible food photographer. I hardly photograph my food when I'm out. And I really don't care if the lighting is good or not to start cooking. To be honest, I'm not even trying to improve my skills in this category. It's not like I'm looking to have a career in this particular part of photography. 

The other day when I was preparing dinner for my LG I found some asparagus my husband my husband used some of it when he cooked dinner last week. I do like asparagus but I only know two ways to cook it: boil it then slice butter and sprinkle some salt and pepper. The other one is to make asparagus soap. And I wasn't feeling both methods. So, when I found this recipe on ABM blog, I was super exited to do something different and easy which makes perfect recipe to make with my daughter. 
It's a tradition I have to change any recipe "slightly". And it was really a very small change I made when I recreate this recipe. And in my opinion it added more depth to the flavor. Which I believe added that interesting taste is garlic powder. I added garlic powder to the bread crumb, parmesan mix. How I know it made a different? Well, I tried both and I liked the garlic one better. So, if you wanna make it just head to the original post, and add the garlic powder. The result is a very tasty snack/ side food. and the added bonus it is healthy too. I really can see it as a summer/ casual party food. Also, I didn't made any dipping with it (because I'm lazy lake this). However, I believe a squeeze of lemon is just perfect; easier and healthier. 

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