Tips on Vacation Rental

In the past two years my go to places to book while in vacation were home rentals from online websites. Don't get me wrong; I still love, but sometimes you need to broaden your horizon. The reason that turned me to chose rentals at first, was when I searched for a resort with private swimming pool. And o lord that was mission impossible. 

Today, there reasons why I rather than hotels in most times are vary. And mostly it is financial related. And in my case I think; most of the times they offer great vacation getaway in a great price. Also, compering with hotels and resorts that offer 2mx2m room with no view nor breakfast only with cleaning service (usually I don't use), I would rather to stay in a beautiful place, clean it by myself and enjoying my rental as much as I'm enjoying the destination that I'm going to. Other reason is when traveling in group of 3+ it's almost impassable to fit in on hotel room. Which means if the day ends, the only option you have is going to bed.

To be honest, when I first started, I didn't know where to start from. I knew about However, at that time I thought they only offer "shared" places. I'm not one to share my morning face and bathroom needs with strangers. I just don't see the point to travel and then after spending the whole day out, I comeback and not be able to be as comfortable as I can be. So I headed to I don't know why, but I thought they would have an answer, and they did. However, I don't think the negotiation style in the website suited me, it was just hard to communicate with property manager or owner (that was two years ago). My research guided me to And I think I was in heaven for a moment. After two years of booking vacation rental around the U.S. The Caribbean and Mexico. I think I can help with some tips.

Where to Book?
My three best choices to book vacation rental online are:, & has fewer options (it's fairly new). But since it's operated by It makes it more trusted and easer to cancel if something happened. To be honest the only incident were I had to cancel my booking from the manager was super helpful to cancel my reservation with no fees. (Always check cancelation policy for every listing before booking). Usually they do free cancelation 40 days before arrival. with it's "entire place" option is absolutely favorite. You also, going to book through the website (you wont give your credit information to someone you can't trace if something wrong happened). There are more options than and very easy to use (as usual, check the cancelation policy). The last choice is my most succeeded one of the three, yet you need to be careful when using it. In you have to exchange your payment info personally, which can be quite a risk.

Always read reviews, if there are no reviews (maybe it's a new listing) try to find other options, or search for other properties listed by the same person and have been reviewed. This will prevent any chance for fraud.
Why reading reviews is so important? In addition, to now how accurate are the pictures and the description. Also, through reviews you can put in consideration your other needs: Safety, car, grocery, laundry etc.

Go to Google Maps
I don't need to tell you that Google Map is Google's third grater product after Google itself (obviously) and Google Image. Always check the location if the property on the map regarding things like; airport, ports and attractions such as: beach, downtown ..etc. And see how accessible it is; if you are renting or traveling by car is there any parking area. And if Google Map wasn't enough don't hesitate to contact the owner/ manager. Most owners would love to help you.

If you can choose Paypal as a method of payment always choose Paypal. If you used I would say if the owner doesn't use Paypal, just try to look for other listing. Even if the property have great reviews.You just don't need to give your credit information or even to do money transaction to someone you haven't see, and probably you wont meet ever. The good thing about Paypal; you can always open a case when you think there is something went wrong. And hopefully you can get your money back.

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