Longwood Gardens

As I said in my MWiP #10; I will try to write about my trip to Longwood Gardens, PA. Let me start by saying: I really find it frustrating when someone lives in a place where they don't know about the beauty they are surrounded by. So, I would be sorry if one day I moved out this place not knowing that just less than hundred mails away there is this beauty called: Longwood Gardens

First, we bought our tickets through their website (just google: Longwood Gardens). You have to choose your arrival time (which I don't know why they asked for, I'll talk about this later in the post, that I don't think it matters). Until November, the price for adult ticket is: $18. As I said we picked our arrival time, and as expected we were late. I managed to take some toast, and yogurt for my LG. I was really hoping to grab some sushi (yes the same sushi I talked about in HERE). However, I thought it was too late to do so. And I wasn't sure whether they will allow us to take any food with us inside the gardens. (I know so unlike me to not search for such things). But also,  I knew it wont be a half an hour trip, so I thought I need sushi. 
I don't know about you, but I hate to see so many pictures about the destination I'm going to. I want to be surprised. I can read, and read and keep searching about the place for days (which I didn't in this case). But just few pictures to know what I'm going to, and is it something I would be interested in?!. So, I hope I didn't spoil it for you in these few pictures I posted above. 
The road is just as lovely as the gardens itself. Well, to be honest, no it's not, but I think you will enjoy it. It's not bad by any meaning, it's just can't beat the beauty of the gardens. I'm really sorry I couldn't take any picture of the road. We were in a hurry, because we were late. And we thought they wont allow us into the gardens. However, we were late about 15 minute. Luckily, nothing happened. I wont advise you to be late, I'm only saying.
I'm not going to talk too much about the gardens and its history (you can look it up yourself). It's more than hundred years old gardens (very huge). Also, you can bring your food with you (which I advise you to do so) there is plenty of shade and space you can set and eat your lunch in. Though there is a café /restaurant inside the gardens, I didn't try, and I can't judge the quality of their food. There was a very long queue outside waiting to order. And I have a rule when it comes to queues: never stand in queue for food unless you have no other option and you need to eat or you're going to pass out. Second rule you really have nothing on earth you can do rather than waiting in that queue. Which unfortunately I have; I do have to explorer the rest of the gardens. (Just for your information; we kept crying over that missing sushi). Still, we managed to enjoy the gardens. See, it is so beautiful that you even can't be bother about being late and not be able to bring sushi with us. 
Though there was a huge part called: The Meadow Garden, wont be open till summer time. We spent almost four hours in the gardens and we loved every second. Yes, and my LG enjoyed it too, actually she enjoy it very much. I think she thinks She's the queen of the gardens. She can run, and run, no walls nor fences. 

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