Deliciously Good Movies

You may or may not read/ saw my post about movies with strong spring time theme go through them. If you haven't well, here I say it again: I love good movies. As simple as it sounds. I believe cinema or movies in particular are one of the few things (I assume), most people can enjoy.  For this episode (if I may call it an episode), I chose movies that not only entertaining. But also, can make us very hungry. So, what's better than food and movies? I guess movie with delicious looking food in it. 

1. Haute Cuisine 2012 (France) 2. Waitress 2007 (USA) 3. Ratatouille 2007 (USA) 4. Toast 2010 (UK) 5. Facing Window 2003 (Italy) 6. Soul Kitchen 2009 (Germany) 7. Julie & Julia 2009 (USA)

I hope you enjoy these movies. They are not just delicious, but also, (I think) they fit in that category: movies which never fail to make us re- live the charm of  moving pictures again, and again and again. 

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