Note: This post, is almost "ready to make" post. I have the content ready for quite some time. And I already wrote 
the majoritof it, before the liquid incident.
I know it's not mother day, at least not in any calendar I'm aware of. However, I'm sure somewhere at this moment there is someone is celebrating mother or motherhood. So, here is a list of movies that carry the heart of a mother in it. The stories of a female individual who's her giving nature, and lack of selfishness doesn't deny her the strength nor the ability to distinguish what's right, what's wrong.

1. Where the Heart Is 2000 (USA) 2. Barbara 2012 (Germany) 3. I've Loved You So Long 2008 (France) 4. Poetry 2010 (South Korea) 5. The Kid with a Bike 2011 (Belgium) 6. Volver 2006 (Spain)

Not all of them may be a biological mother. But they defiantly carry a heart of a mother. And have a strong mother figure in the life of those youngsters, whom they live with.

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