MWiP #15

Not the smoothest week, but everything went well; kinda well. There aren't much activities, but I'm about to travel home for month and everything seems crazy and a total mess. And not so good news happened.  

Clockwise: (1). 4th of July afternoon on the hill.  (2). They said it's the best donut in town, and they were right. The best I tried. And no, I'm no expert. (3). I ordered this dress from CHOICES and it toke about a month to arrive, and there was a hole in the lace. I'm really not happy, but I don't have much time to return and wait to a new one. (4). And of course, 4th of July night. (5). Insta war going on in my makeup bag. Kiko Instant Perfection and The Body Shop Insta Blur. I'm not big at primers but I'm trying to find something will convince me that I'm missing something. I'm going to put these to on the test in the next weeks. (6). last week I was so thrilled to write about my Hiline Coffee experience. Unfortunately, I spelled water on my laptop and some keys wont work any more. So, writing is not an easy task any more. I went to Apple store but It will take more than week to fix, and I need my laptop during my travel. So, things going to slow down in the writing department. (7). Packing is the worst. 

See you next week. 

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