MWiP #16

Still suffering from semi broken keyboard. The two letters that won't work are "T,G". For sometime I thought that they are the most used letters in the English language. Unfortunately, it wasn't completely correct; T was the second most used and G was way back in the list. But I managed to bring this post to life regardless of all the obstacles.       

Clockwise: (1). Trying some traveling with toddler tricks.  (2). In case you're traveling: minis are a girl's best friend. (3). For the last couple of nights I used sleeping mask in order to get some sleep. In my wildest dreams; I didn't think I'm going to do so; What next earplugs! God forbid!!. (4). Yes it's 47 celsius outside. And I'm avoiding going out as much as I can. (5). Chipotle at the airport. (6). A traditional Syrian board game, or shell I call it rug game. Never mind it looks so elegant and playing it made me feel like I'm a part of an oriental paint (I know I sound very white; Trust me I'm not :p) (7). Doing some serious reading. What else I can do? That's who I'm always very intellectual.

See you next week. 

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