MWiP #26

Unlike last week. this week was kinda lazy. Not slow, but lazy. Actually It went very fast. I received a litter I was waiting for. And I finished writing a paper I was looking to finish for couple of weeks. And I'm happy, which always a great thing. 

 (1). Trying to sell this dress on eBay. Haven't succeed yet.  (2). This cinnamon bred was my Saturday brunch, and the portion can feed a whole tribe. Taste good though. (3). The tree cross our place had a new cut for fall. (4). I was very tempted to order from Demeter and try one of their crazy scents. I didn't order this time. But I think I'll place an order in the near future. (5). Some makeup/ makeup tool that I am thinking to giveaway. (6). I am enjoying the show, yet again. And I think I like it very much. I used to like it. But now "very much". (7). I'm starting to fall in in love with this little guy here. I enjoy every moment I spend with him. And every morning I can't wait to go to the kitchen and see him again. 

See you next week

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