MWiP #24

When you need to finish writing proposal, the great ideas for redoing your space appears. I think I need to think about how to rearrange my place, maybe in this way I'll find ideas for my proposal. Anyways, here is MWiP. 

Clockwise: (1). I had these matryoshka like glasses for year now. Sometimes when I find something would make nice present with great price, I buy it just in case. Well, today is the case. A friend is having house warming party, it was so sadden, and I don't have time to go and buy anything.  (2). Going to Walmart to pick up potty ring. I have to say, I don't like its name it feels so childlike. Nevermind, we are trying to train her to use the seat. (3). A visit to P.F. Chang(4). Playing with makeup to recreate some looks from fashion week. (5). Believe it or not, two years and I don;t have floor mirror. Finally, I got one and fake orchids. (6). A recipe I made this week you can find the whole thing HERE. (7). Some Pinterest inspired decor. 

See you next week

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