MWiP #21

I wasn't aware of the fact, that this week's MWiP is food centered until now. It may show you that eating is the only activity you can do during this hot very humid weather. No, I'm not complaining; why I would do that?!! By now I'm very used to see my frizzy/ out of control hair. 

Clockwise: (1). Tea time sorted. I bought these cookies because we have friends visitings over a tea. And this is the leftover. So, I think I will live on these for the next couple of days.  (2). Some ASOS stuff. They were on sale and extra 10% off Labor Day sale. (3). Waiting in the clinic. Someone broke his rib while plying fútbol. And yes he is happy to have "sports injury". (4). 75% humidity. Wait waht?!! (5). I was surprised by how good this kale chips is. I got it from Trader Joe's(6). Eataly, New York(7). Had my first churros when I was in Merida last year. I liked it so much yet I couldn't find something good as the one I ate there in the streets. I found these in a Mexican resturent nearby, it was decent. 

See you next week

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