MWiP #18

Last week I made capirotada smartly enough I forgot to photograph it. I won't say it was super or something. Actually, I think it needs some improvements. Nonetheless, I'm happy that I made one. I think it's delicious and has a unique taste. 

Clockwise: (1). Someone got spoiled last week. It was a dream to have one of these balloons when I was a kid.  (2). Another thing related to my LG is this harmonica she found in my sister's nightstand. Every time she find it "again" she start to ask me to play it since she can't blow. (3). I read this article in Allure magazine (the one I picked in the airport), and I think it would be a good subject for a post in here. (4). A new cupboard invasion. I found this in my parents house. When I first came I was suffering from sore muscles around my neck area. And I messaged this essential oils gel, and I think it did work. (5). You know my keyboard tragedy. The guy in the Apple store gave me a quite of $755 to fix my laptop. I'm thinking of more budget friendly options. (6). I bought this cute tee from a very nice shop called "حركة" Haraka in Riyadh. It's also, available at this twitter account @storehouse33  (7). We are having a real cocking recipes research for our Eid lunch. By now it become a traditional and it must meet the family's expectations.
See you next week. 

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