MWiP #19

I understand it has been almost a month since I posted anything in here including MWiP. I didn't got bored of it, it just that keyboard thing made everything 10 times harder. So, I gave myself a break, and now I'm back, with fully functioning keyboard. 

Clockwise: (1). One of the nicest idea I have seen for very long time. I just wish I had seen this before I went to my car (after having nice coffee).  (2). An easy recipe I'm testing out. (3). Don't you feel proud when you got something %75 off. Well I do. (4). Trying to sell this bouncer thing this time. I just can't enjoy having thing I don't use. There is an urge to get rid of it ASAP. (5). I know, it looks like I went overboard with this meat bags thing. Believe me, it's hard to find. And I don't want to drive to every grocery store I know, everytime I need one. (6). Is it weird? that I'm totally in love with me perfume? I ordered this one "blindly" I actually asked Nuxe if it's possible to have a sample, and thankfully they sent me one. However, my postwoman returned it because our box was full when we where away. But I order it anyway. And I'm in love. (7). It had to happen; A new carseat. You know the nature of human beings: "Kids get bigger".

See you next week. 

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