MWiP #14

I have a feeling that if there will be a title for his week; it would be "the highest we paid for gas". To be honest I don't keep our spending record with me. But no doubt a week includes trip to Chicago is not going to be gas free.  

Clockwise: (1). When I went to New Jersey two weeks ago, someone "of course not me" forgot to water my herbs. They are not in excellent condition now. So, I follow this method because I have no one to water the herbs while in Chicago. I'm hoping for good results because I travelling for a month in the coming days. (2). A sushi place I think it's very good. My husband said he tried better. Will see. (3). Tourist; I know. We went to Philly last week and we tried Geno's. Nothing special but the place looks good in pictures. (4). I'm not big at theme parks. However, I enjoyed this very much. (5). Barnes Foundation, Philly. Very rich and full of beauty. (6). The Tin Man in Oz Park. in Lincoln Park Chicago(7). And a week ends with waffle can't be an OK week, don't you agree? 

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