Empties #2 | Jun. 14

Do you remember my last empties post? I really forgot when it was. I would say it was the last fall. However, I'm too lazy to go and check. The thing I'm pretty sure about; I remember saying I don't go through stuff quickly. Or at least as fast as the others on the internet do. without further ado here are my empties. 

1. Tom's of Maine Natural Care Deodorant Solid, Unscented 
My first empty is my first ever post, will my second to be precise. if you don't want to check it. It was Tom's of Maine deodorant. As I said in the review I liked it. I think it does the job very well. I know Tom's of Maine owned by non cruelty free company. I do buy stuff from cruelty free companies which their parent company is non cruelty free. However, I prefer to choose something I think it is %100 cruelty free. But I would repurchase it if I need too. (And can we please have a moment and celebrate the first anniversary of this blog shell we? No gifts please :P

2. Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater & AloeSense Naturally Soothing Fluoride Toothpaste
I'm not going to talk about these two, I already talked about them in my first empties HERE. And you can see I finished the second, I'm using my third bottle now. By the way, we went through many tubes of this toothpaste , but I don't see any meaning to photograph it. 

3. Nip+Fab Body Butter, Pistachio Sundae
This body butter is so good, and smells very sweet and nice. Some said it's just like Laura Mercier's Crème de Pistache. I've never owned the Laura Mercier's body cream. However, I tried it once in their counter, and I can say I prefer this one way better. On the other hand, I'm not sure about its status when it comes to testing on animals. So, I'll hold on buying a new one until I'm sure about it.

4. ULTA Sheer Fragrance Mist, Pink Petals
I bought this body mist just because I was looking for something to wear when I run to grab some grocery or something from the pharmacy. It's nothing special but I think ti was fine. I don' think I'm going to buy it again, any time soon.

I think there will be another empties post soon after this one. I wont promise, but I think so.  

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