Tom's of Maine Long Lasting Natural Aluminum Free Deodorant Stick

In a last munite decision, I decided to buy a deodorant (I know not a very exiting news). Believe it or not I've never had one, I know you may say: what the heck !!. First: I've always heard about the fact that deodorants cause cancer, and I wasn't aware what is exactly wrong with it, I just thought "I don't need cancer". Second: My whole life I lived in a very warm weather which make it hard for anyone to spend hes or her day outdoor. So my life basically was from air conditioned place to another  air conditioned place. Which means: I don't have to worry about unpleasant odors my body may produce. 
Now I can spend a whole day outdoor, meeting people and talking to them. And I can tell you It's not a very good idea to think all the time while outside "do I smell bad?".  
I was in Rite Aid the other day, and I thought "I need a deodorant". I was looking for a deodorant in the deodorants section (of course), and in my hand I was holding my phone searching for a cruelty free product using the Leaping Bunny app. In a second I was giving up, and I decided to go home and order one online. Then I saw that not very attractive packaging, but I was attracted to the word "natural" written on the package.  

As you can tell I'm not a deodorant expert. But at least I can read. When I turend the package to read any information about the product and whether it's a cruelty free or not. It was printed clearly "No animal testing". I have no other cruelty free option, other than choosing the scent I want. 

I chose the unscented one, just because I felt not smelling anything. In a way I thought this is the real test. "How to not smell bad, yet you don't smell like you wear a scent?". Or, "how not to smell anything at all?".

When I went home I searched about Tom's of Mine unscented deodorant, to read some reviews. Yes I do read reviews after I purchased things (A bad habit of mine). The reviews on this particular scent, in this case "no scent" was not that good on However, I used it (because I have to use it in order to give my opinion).  As I said before I'm no deodorant expert. But I know what I want from a deodorant. I don't ask much, I only ask not to smell, and not to cause my skin/body any problem. Now I've use it for a week, and I think "function wise" it is doing very good. And it doesn't irritate my skin. 
Before I have this deodorant I didn't know anything about Tom's of Maine. After I bought this deodorant I watched THIS video on youtube by NYCGeorgette. And she explained what does the purple square appeared on the app while looking for the brand means. I searched and found that Colgate (which is not a cruelty free company) is the parent company for Tom's of Maine. I'm not planning (for now) to stop using products by cruelty free companies are owned by a parent company is not a cruelty free. But it would be better if I find something is %100 cruelty free.

Product Information:

  • Tom's of Maine Long Lasting Natural Aluminum Free Deodorant Stick, Unscented
  • 2.25 oz (64 g)
  • 5.49 on

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