Why I'm doing this?

First I have to say, I have plenty of blogs. And when I say plenty I really mean plenty. So, why would I start a new blog to make myself "busier"?  My only reason is I've decided to be a conscience consumer. Actually, I don't consider myself an unconscious consumer. I've boycotted and I still boycott many brands for different reasons. Mostly, because they support groups or causes I don't agree with. Or, they don't reaccept their consumers.
I would say there is no story behind my decision to be "greener" and cruelty free consumer, other than this what I believe it's right. It doesn't seems right to me to try to be a "better" person without caring about the environment and other creatures. 

When I decided (which is last week) to be greener and go cruelty free as much as I can (cause who I'm kidding, things like this can't be done overnight) . As I said when I decided this, there was not that much information about every product I use, in order to help me in my consuming decisions  Yes there is some youtube channels and some websites but it doesn't cover everything I'm looking for. So, I will try to write reviews about what I'm trying on me and on my baby girl (which make it even harder). And how much it cost (financially) compering with products that is not a cruelty free, or not eco friendly. 

And yes, if I'm using thing that is not a cruelty free thinking it is, please tell me. 

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