Gap: enough fashion victims

I do believe that been a conscience consumer, it's not only about animals and enviroment. Careing about human beings is as important as careing about any living creature. Weeks ago a tragic incident accrued  in Bangladesh where a factory collapsed killing more than 1000 working women. This factory was a place where big brands such as H&M, Calvin Klein and Gap  made the clothes that we wear in it. It seems a very nice idea (having cheap labour from poor countries making these clothes). It keeps the prices low (because the cost of the production is less). And it creates jobs for poor women who's usually work to support their familes. However, the working conditions are horrible. 

Many brands such as H&M and Calvin Klein agreed to sign on making strong agreement on making better safety measures in these factories. However, the negotiations are going (they will end in days) and some companies such as Wal-Mart is lobbying to not support stronger safety policies. is a great website they help to create a better world and support many great causes around the world by creating petitions in order to help us to live in a better world. 

If your really do care, and believe that been fashionable it can't be right if it's over other people's life. Sign HERE. And stop the greediness that doesn't care about the suffering people. 

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