Biggs & Featherbelle Lime & Sea Salt Body Scrub

Last month I was taking a very long trip (13 hours) alone with my 4 months daughter. A friend of mine told me in order to keep her calm try to give her a salt water bath. Just regular sea salt in some water, nothing major it's like swimming in the sea. She told me it will take all the negative anergy she's surrounded by (or something like that). Honestly, I know nothing about negative and positive anergy. I just do what I love and avoid what I dont't (this pretty much my way of living). I'm not sure it was because of the salt water bath, or it was my luck that my baby was just as good as the most well behave adult passenger was. 

Days later our arrival we went to shop some grocery in our local Wegmans. I saw this Lime & Sea Salt Body Scrub. And I decided to have it as "bath salt" for my baby. I know it is a scrub not a bath salt, but I don't think there is a law against using sea salt scrub as a bath salt. It has a natural ingredients. And it is not tasted on animals.
I put the tinniest amount in her bathtub (about table spoon) and leave her in the water for 7-10 minutes before washing her hair. The good thing about it, it does smell very nice. Very citrusy. And since it has oil in it it allows me to skip moisturizing her body with lotion, because she hates it. Sometimes I use it as a body scrub for me, and I find it as good as the more expensive sea salt scrub from Lush. 

Product Information: 

  • Biggs & Featherbelle Lime & Sea Salt Body Scrub, Lime & Litsea Essential Oils...
  • 7 oz (198 g)
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