FEED US + Target

Last March I read on Target Addict about a collab between FEED and Target. I know that Lauren Bush Lauren has a foundation called FEED. I didn't search before this collab what is FEED about. I searched, I kinda know a little about FEED, and I forgot about both FEED and the collab they are doing with Target. 

Today I watched this video below, and I was very moved. Well lets not pretend otherwise "we love to consume". At leas I love it. But I think it feels better when you pay for something you know it support a good cause. 

After watching the video I went to Target.com to know more about this collab, and when it will hit the stores. As it's written on Target.com, it will be there in the 30th of June. I browse the lookbook, and without really thinking that it has a good cause behind it. From the pictures, I see that is a very good collaboration. The products are beautifully designed, and it has something for everyone. At least this is what I think. Go and check out the lookbook, and as long as you going to "waste" your money any ways, why not waste it for a good cause.  

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