Tom's of Maine Wicked Fresh Natural Mouthwash| Cool Mountain Mint

My very first review was a review on Tom's of Maine Deodorant. I understand Tom's is owned by Colgate which is not a cruelty free company. This is why I'm thinking of a different deodorant brand after I finish the Tom's one that I have. Even though I liked it, and it works well for me. 
In my consuming guideline that I create for myself: It's a cruelty free, if there is no cruelty free option. I'll go for cruelty free brand owned by non cruelty free company. If not, well I'll have the non cruelty free option if only I really need this product or semi need (if there is a such thing). Of corse it it an essential, our health and needs comes first.  

Last time we went shopping for a mouthwash the only cruelty free option we have at the time was; Tom's of Maine. I remember there was another flavor or scent. However, I chose Cool Mountain Mint, I don't know why? I think it sounds cool. Or maybe I disliked the other flavor/scent. 

Long story short, from the first time we "hated" it. At first it feels nice. A nice fresh feeling. This feeling will only last for second then you will be left with very bitter feeling and dry mouth. For me I once heard of a dry mouth, and thought it's only a myth. Well, it's not a myth anymore with this mouthwash.

Now, every time I use it, I feel I'm going to torture myself. I know I need to stop using it. But for now I will keep torturing myself, until I stop being lazy and search for new, cruelty free good mouthwash. 

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