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I'm not ashamed to say: I still enjoy children's book. In fact, they really makes me happy. So, having a baby myself is just the perfect excuse to buy them. For sometime, I was searching for some good/fun books for my little girl's first birthday. As many things I found in the internet, I really don't know how I came cross these BabyLit series. Without further searching I knew I want these "baby classics" in my girl's life. Well, in my life to be quite honest.

After searching I found that it wasn't "a baby version" of these classic stories. In my best way to describe it: it is a learning book under the theme of a classic story. As a start I chose: DraculaSherlock Holmes in the Hound of the BaskervillesAnna Karenina.

I don't know if it's an odd thing or not, but my baby doesn't have a "special" relationship with any of her toys. To put it in a clear statement she seems careless towards her toys. The bright side she seems to love books. However, she's very aggressive with books it's a miracle if she manages to turn a page without tearing it out. So, the super exciting news in these lovely books they are board books. Which I hope it will be hard for her to destroy.

I would say of the three I have, I don't think they are at the same level when it comes to its content. I think Dracula is the easiest (it shows how to count). Anna Karenina is slightly advanced. It does contain words in clothing (and no they are not shirt, short and onesie). Sherlock Holmes is (in my opinion) the "hardest". It contains sounds of things like wheels and gates etc.

I really like them very much, and definitely looking to buy more from BabyLit. (Im eyeing: Alice In Wonderland, Wuthering Heights and Moby Dick. Well, and the rest.

  • Dracula: A BabyLit Counting Primer for $8.99 in Amazon
  • Anna Karenina: A BabyLit Fashion Primer for $8.99 in Amazon
  • Sherlock Holmes in the Hound Baskervilles: A BabyLit Sounds Primer for $8.99 in Amazon

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