The Honest Company Diapers and Wipes Bundle

No secret I'm a sucker for good packaging. But I can assure you in this case, it's not just about good packaging. Since I wanted to buy cruelty free, my main concern was my baby's stuff. To be completely honest; I wont compromise my health or my baby's health with any product. I can give up makeup. But it wont be easy to give up diapers for 6 months baby (obviously).

I first used Seventh Generation. Their diapers were ok, but the wipes were just bad. Then I tried Naty; which I think it is a Swedish brand. They were very good. But I don't believe they have wipes, or they don't sell it in boxes with more than one pack. So, since I order it online I wanted something last me for at least a month. Then I found The Honest Company's diapers, and I was attracted by the adorable designs. I ordered the free trail (out of curiosity) which wasn't totally free (I paid for the shipping). I liked it, but for first I don't know how I calculate things in my head so I thought it was way expansive than the Naty ones. However, my love for good packaging made me re-calcualte and found that if I ordered the bundle which is includes 6 packages of diapers, and 4 packages of wipes would be less expansive than the Naty ones, and Seventh Generation's wipes (which I really don't like). Plus, I will enjoy the cute printed diapers (yes I'm the one who enjoyed the prints). This is the third bundle and I'm happy with it. 

  • If you want to receive The Honest Company's diapers, you need to set an account (even for the trial one). You also, need to set date for your next bundle. They will ship you one, so if you don't like it be aware to call them to cancel your membership (you can only cancel by phone). 
  • You can also, change the designs you want, and when your next bundle will be shipped. 
  • The shipping is not super fast. So, you need to set your next bundle when you reach the last package (it took almost 3-4 days for your bundle to arrive. 
Here is everything (I know) about The Honest Company bundle. I didn't try anything else yet. But I'm happy with what I've tried so far. Including their costumer service. They were super helpful and nice. 

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