Wishbone Flip

Obviously, I don't live in a large space. So, from the beginning when I first move to here, I was looking for things with multiple usage, ability to convert from something to another. And has a lot of storage.   This also includes baby gear and toys. Therefore, I put Wishbone Flip in my/my daughter's wishlist. As with lots of things, I want to buy stuff with good quality. However, I have to think where it well goes when she grow older. I don't have much of space to store in. Also, I don't want to through things away. My mom kept my older sister and my stuff, and we enjoyed having our old toys around. I don't know why? maybe good things never get old.

First I know $150 is a lot of money. Lucky, I have very generous sisters and they bought the Flip to my daughter as a birthday gift. (She's turning one in a couple of months). I know it's early, but they don't live here, and we will be away when she become a year old. 
First, it looks super elegant. Who can resist well made wooden toy? I'm not going to ramble about how it works HERE is a very simple video by the designer himself explaining the whole thing. As for the assembling, it includes only tiny winey step.  For packaging reasons the hand is attached up side down. So, you will unscrew the handle, then screw it back in the right way. Now she's in the stage where she can push it. Yet, she doesn't figure out how to do so. But she enjoys raiding it, and having her father or I pushing her around. 

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