Wooden Rainbow

Do I mention how much I am enjoying the whole new consuming habit thing I'm doing for the past few months? Well, here I say it: I am enjoying "the new consumer" I became.  Since we moved to the U.S. we start to "watch" our expenses because we wanted to enjoy our time here, yet we didn't want to end up paying for loans and unending bills. Yes we looked for "cheaper" stuff (yes I'm not afraid of using the word cheap, actually I love to use I feel it excites me more than the word "inexpensive"). 

O.K. enough rumbling, an lets talk about real stuff. This post is not about a beauty product or personal care. It's about two things I love so much Etsy and kids toys. Yes, I know I'm not that young but I love toys, luckily I have a beautiful little girl I can pretend that it's all for her, not for my own pleasure.  For a very long time I was eyeing a wooden rainbow toy by Grimm's it wasn't the cheapest thing in the world, but it was so cute and I felt my daughter should have this thing. I kept it in my wishlist for her waiting for the (right moment). One day, I was browsing Etsy, as I usually do when I need to feel sorry for the lack of beauty in my life. And wolla: I found something similar yet cheaper. So, now I have no excuse but to buy it. You know you have to support the good people of Etsy. 

When it arrived it was in fairly "small" envelope. I have to say I was a little disappointed. I though it will be a huge rainbow (I know the sizes were written there, but you know sometimes I don't like to believe what has been written). After I opened the envelope, well you guessed it: yes I loved it (hence, I'm writing about it). My little girl love it too. (To be honest I wasn't expecting this she's only 8 months, and I didn't think it would be something she would enjoy in this age). Plus, it looks so damn adorable on her room window. 

Wooden Toy Rainbow Stacker from Imagination Kids for $25.00 on Etsy

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