Milani Eyeshadow Primer + Wet n Wild Eyeshadow Trio in I got Good Jeans

First, as always I am by any means an expert in makeup. Specially in the eyeshadow primers area. And this is Milani eyeshadow primer is my first eyeshadow primer. As most of the things in life, I didn't think that I need one. Until I needed a change to ride a bus. I was near CVS and I decided to get change from there, and spend money on something I wasn't planning on buying just before that moment. As always my feet took me to the beauty aisle. And as if it was my fate I found myself front of Milani counter looking to their infamous eyeshadow primer.  

In my way home I justify my purchased (even though I rarely wear makeup, let alone wearing it for long time). So, my justification was: I have to test if it does really help when it comes to the color pay off as they show in the packaging. When I arrived to my place, I decided to test it on one of the shades in this Wet n Wild trio in I got Good Jeans. This is fairly an old purchase. I bought this trio specially for this blue navy shade, and it was the worst Wet n Wild eyeshadow when it comes to pigmentation I have ever tried. The color pay off was very bad. I really want it to work. So, I tried it again with the primer. I didn't apply it on my eyes (because you know I'm that lazy when it comes to makeup removing).  

As I said before this is my first ever eyeshadow primer, and I really know nothing about them. First, when I applied it on my hand it was very light consistency. I don't know way, but for some reason I imagined that eyeshadow primers have a thick consistency like a concealer. When I swatch the eyeshadow over the primer it was a bit different than the other swatch (without primer). However, I wasn't happy with the color, for me it was nothing like the color on the pan.  After two hours the swatch where I didn't use the primer was almost gone. Wheres the swatch where I applied the primer first was pretty much visible. When I washed my hands (with soap) the eyeshadow was still there (at least you can see it. 

The bottom line: I don't think the primer helps the color to show off better (they don't claim it does, but they show an illustration on the package as if it helps with the intensity of the color). However, they claim it helps the eyeshadow to stay for 8 hours. I didn't test it for eight hours, and I wasn't planning to do. However, I can say it does really increases the longevity of the eyeshadow. Also, they claim that it helps to minimize the creasing of the eyeshadow. Unfortunately, I didn't use it on my eyelids to test this claim. Anyway, I don't think I have suffer from eyeshadow creasing before.  
When it comes to Wet n Wild eyeshadow trio in I got Good Jeans. If you were looking for blue navy color eyeshadow, I think this is a bad eyeshadow I wont recommend it. If you are eyeing this trio for the golden or the ice blue shade go ahead and grab one for you. The pigmentation in these two colors is very good. I specially like the ice blue one.

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