Trade Your Old Stuff

It is not a joke if I said in the place I came from 1050 Sq. Ft. apartment can be easily a living room in someone's house. We "over there" LOVE huge spaces. So, for me who lived most of her life in such places it was somehow a challenge to adjust myself to the new way of living. A life in a small space. 

To be quite honest when I first searched for a store where I can sell my old clothes I didn't think much about "letting go". All I was thinking about is: this damn coat should go away. 
Well, now I feel I have to give you a small back story. three years ago I was planning to visit a country where it may rain during summer time. So, I bought rain coat from Narciso Rodriguez (don't panic it was from online outlet store) still it was pricey. Well, typical me I forgot it. So, I wasn't able to wear it anywhere else.
When I moved to here, and since I'm living in a place where it rain quite often I decided to bring it with me. The problem now it was two sizes larger than my actual size, and I wasn't feeling to embrace the Olsen inside. I just didn't want it anymore, as simple as it sounds. I tried to sell it on eBay, but without so much luck, I couldn't. Therefore, Buffalo Exchange was my last hope. I went there and finally I got raid of that coat, that I've never worn. Now, I no longer "suffer" from lack of space. Oh yeah I felt like it was occupying the whole apartment.  I didn't return empty handed. I managed to put my hands on these Gucci Horsebit Loafers.
If you ask me do I ever wanted to buy one of these. No, it was never on any of my lists. It was a spontaneous decision. However, I think it was a good buy. And I love having them in my "small" shoe collection. But most importantly I really enjoyed the experience, and I believe it does help in keeping my wardrobe organized. You know when you have something that is fairly expensive it is not easy to let it go even if you don't use it. On the other hand, thinking there is maybe someone "like me" would love to have what I have. And unlike me, will be happy to use all the time. 

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