Jordana Cosmetics, Some Lip and Eye Product

I must say, when I decided to become cruelty free my first thought was: What about my Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Rendezvous? I really love the color and the product itself (the chubby stick stain thing). Even though I pearly used %10 of the product I kept searching for an alternative (I don't through things away, I just don't see the point of doing this. The damage has already been done. Therefore, I can say, if it wasn't because of that Revlon balm stain thing I may probably NEVER tried Jordana Cosmetics. Not because they are bad or I don't love cheap stuff (you know I love the word cheap). It's just I don't have Walgreens near by. 

When I heard about Jordana Twist & Shine Balm Stain I was like: "is this my new Revlon balm stain?". Unfortunately, there was no orange shade similar to my beloved Rendezvous. So, I decided to try Cranberry Crush since I was looking for plum lip product anyways. Also, it's only $2.99 it can't be disappointing with this price tag. Well, since it is not something I can do everyday (to go to Walgreens) I picked two other different things. I piked Esayliner for Lips in Sedona Red. I remember many people rave about  their lipliners so I decided to pick one in red since I have many red lipsticks but I don't own any lipliner which is essential for any perfect red lips (as many experts would say). Also, I picked 12 HR Made to Last Eyeshadow pencil in Endless Emerald. The color is gorgeous, for me it is the perfect green. Plus, it is very creamy. There are some shimmer in it, which is usually not something I like on my eyeshadow. However, my problem wasn't the shimmer. Whenever I swatch it on my hands it will stay there. When I put it under my eyes, I can see at the end of the night it smudge everywhere. I just need to apply some more, and I can be officially Hulk. Which is shame because I love the color. The other night I used it with Milani eyeshadow primer, and it doesn't smudge a bit. 
Overall, I'm so happy with what I've tried. The lip balm stain is so lovely. The lipliner works very well with all my red lipsticks. And finally I found solution for the eyeshadow pencil. Which means I don't need to keep it at the end of my drawer. 

Also, it is available in Walgreens. 

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