We Flawless

I don't know if I ever said this before or not. Just in case, I will say it again: I don't wear makeup in a daily bases. I just don't think it's very convenient and I'm fine with my pare face. However, sometimes when I'm going to meet a friend over a cup of coffee in a cafe and I want to look presentable (sort of). At the same time I don't wanna spend half an hour putting makeup for a cafe with a friend. I love my friends but I believe true friends should be able to not wear makeup front of each other. So, here is my super fast face, it's kinda touch up (for my real face) rather than an actual makeup.  

I have to say, I'm happy to find a quick makeup involves a lot of highlighting without looking like going to a ball.

For Base, I only concealed the dark circles under my eyes, and some dark spots around my mouth and in my chin. I used my finger to apply OCC concealer  in Y2. It was kind of a blind buy. I don't have OCC store near me. Also, they don't have have the concealer in my local Sephora (I don't know if they have it in any Sephora). And I contacted OCC for samples, but they weren't much help. So, the internet was my loyal friend (as always), and I decided to pick this product in this shade based on pictures and reviews from all over the internet. (I'm not going to talk in depth about this concealer, at least not here. So, don't be bothered).

For Highlight & Blush/Bronzer, let's start with blush or bronzer, because I either use this or that, depending on what I feel using for the day. But mainly, very natural, and subtle bronzer or blusher. For the highlight, I use my Physician Formula Shimmer Strips. I know it sounds crazy, but I apply it on my checks using Models Own powder brush. And using my finger I put some on my cupid's bow. With the same brush I add some color to my checks using either my blush of choice or bronzer.

It can't get any simpler than this; with my Eco Tools Eye Shading Brush I apply The Body Shop, Colour Crush Eyeshadow in the shade: 105- Oh, Honey, all over my lid. Then, I curl my lashes.

I told you; I'm lazy. And I'm shameless. For my lips, I apply FRESH Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15 in Rosé. And yes I got mine from Sephora's birthday gift year ago.

I'm really happy with the finishing result. It is super easy, and pretty darn good. So, yeah why not to wear makeup sometimes when I can do it with almost ZERO effort and skills.

  • Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Skin Conceal in Y2 0.28oz for $20 from Sephora.com 
  • Models Own Powder Brush in 5pc set for $16.51 from ModelsOwnIt.com
  • Eco Tools Shading Brush for $4.99 from Drugstore.com
  • The Body Shop Colour Crush Eyeshadow 1.5g /.05oz for $10 form TheBodyShop.com & Stores.   
  • FRESH Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15 .15oz for $22.5 in Sephora & Sephora.com 

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