The Guide to Happiness: Downsizes My Bag

No, this is not what's in my bag type thing. Actually, what's in my bag is kinda boring, and you will see that. Let's call it the bag challenge. 
It's a challenge for me to carry a bag. I don't like carrying a bag whenever I go. Bags are accessories for everyday use, not an essential. Or this is what I believe. Don't get me wrong, I love buying them, but they are beautiful things for special occasions. Well, not anymore. Since I gave birth I can't have my wallet and my phone and I'm good to go. There are more stuff I have to have with me when I'm out and about. 
Another fact about me. I do believe that diaper bags are the worst invention in human history. God, they are ugly as hell. So, rather than buying one, I used an old quite big bag that I bought years ago. It has only one section. So things was a bit messy.  I don't mind being messy, it just take some time to find things inside. Which is not very smart idea, to be honest. So, I bought a bag organizer through eBay. Yet, it was too small for my huge bag. But it kinda solve the problem. Now, my daughter is getting older I think I can switch to smaller bag. 

In the past two months I was searching for new "fairly" small bag. One day, I was wondering in Nordstrom (as usual), and as it seems it was my fate I stopped just right front of Michael Kors's Selma bag in medium. I knew about the existing of  Michael Kors's Selma bag. But for real, I wasn't a fan. I think it looks so much like Valentino Trapeze bag with less let's call it: "charisma". However, I didn't know about the medium one, and it was too cute not to like. So, I thought: I don't care I have to make this bag to work as a baby bag. (I try to avoid to say "diaper bag" because you know, I don't like them) Hence, I've never used one.

My mission was to fit the stuff in the first picture in the bag. First, I know some moms will be horrified by the idea of not carrying the whole house with them. After a year, I exactly know what I need. I keep some baby snack in the car. She always holds her sippy cup. Now, the food department is sorted. So, I only need two diapers (maximum), baby whips, extra onesie and changing mat. I couldn't fit my sunglasses, but that's ok I can leave them in the car too. I have never carry with me a makeup bag, so this is not an issue. However, if I want to use this bag as my "own" bag. And for some reason wanted to carry a makeup bag. I easily can fit my makeup bag. Plus my wallet and sunglasses in. I think I'm one happy human being now. 

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