ULTA Extreme Wear Mousse Blush

Before I start this review, I think I have to stop buying any blusher til I finish at least one. I don't think that I own a huge amount, but I believe I have enough. And many shades which can go with any look I desire. My excuse for this purchase is quite solid, or shall I say; acceptable. My sister; who shares with me the love for beauty related "stuff" tried and liked YSL Crème de Blush. Well, let's put it in this way $38 for a blush, is kinda ridiculous. Plus, it's not cruelty free. So I wont be really enthuses to buy it for her, even for her birthday. Enough from the very long introduction, and let's talk about the product already.

First I don't know if this a dupe for the YSL cream blush or not. I don't own any, I only tried it once or twice in Sephora store. I just thought it may work as a cheaper and cruelty free alternative for the Crème de Blush. In my local Ulta store there was only one shade as a tester it was in the color Peach Glow, and in fact it was almost light salmon.

I chose two shades one for me, and one for my sister. I was looking for pink-y blush. So, I decided to pick one to test the product before I give it to her.

First, I picked "Pink Glow". When I turned the pot to see the color of the product it was, no kidding strawberry milk shake. Yes, it is super light. So, I decided to pick which they call "Berry Glow".
When I went back home, I tried it and I can guarantee; it's not berry whatsoever, at least not on my skin or in my eyes. Also, it has some shimmer/tiny glitter going through it. I'm not a shimmer fan, but I can forgive if I like the product. It is very soft and smooth, and not very pigmented. Which is good to blend, and avoid "clown like makeup".   Ulta called their blush as an "extreme wear". I would say I wash my face (with water only, and with out rubbing) and it was still there. I rarely wear makeup for a long time, so I can't say how much it will last. The most important thing, I almost forgot; it retails for $8 in Ulta.  So, my only complain is the color range. I do think it is mostly for the very light skin people. This is not a very good news, certainly not for me.

  • ULTA Extreme Wear Mousse Blush in Berry Glow 0.18 oz for $8 in Ulta.com & stores 

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