ArtBin Magnetic Needle Case

Few months ago, I've came across this post from Nouveau Cheap. It was about this cheaper 
"alternative" to Z or UNII palette. I have never owned one before, I didn't see why I should, but for $4.99 I thought Why Not?!! So, I ordered one for pickup from Wal-Mart

I was super exited to use this case as a palette. I even depotted some of the eyeshadows day before the arrival of the case. First it's a nice size, and I love the fact that it is see through. Also, the lid stays securely closed. However, (don't you all know there was going to be a however?!). The magnet is very weak. Some of the pans didn't stick till I used magnetic stickers. Still, the pans kept moving around. I was about to travel with this palette for a very long distance with two connection flights. Which means things definitely won't stay in place. Luckily, before we left, I needed to take lip balm from my makeup bag, and found that every thing was missed up. Some pans were above the others. And things were super missy. So, I decided to take it out and save my makeup and of course my bag. In conclusion, I think it's nice for storing your single eyeshadow. Or to depot those bulky palettes to save some place. But I wouldn't recommend it for traveling. 

NOTE: Most of the damage happened during a very aggressive depotting process. 

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