Giftable #4

Shamelessly, I only had time to write a new post, when I wanted to post thinks that makes great gifts to "mostly" any women , and especially to me. Also, coincidentally my birthday is coming. So, what's your excuse not help to draw a smile on someone's face? 

Since I'm looking for a birthday gift, obversely I haven't tried any of these things. Except for 1. Diptyque Do Son, I have tried it one day in their Grand Central boutique. Unfortunately, it was super small boutique I wanted to shower myself with it, but the lady who was working that day was looking at me. At the end, I ended up with lousy strip sniffing it all the way back to my cousin's home. The reason behind my very long absence, or this is what I like to convince myself, is I'm back to school. However, there is a downside for returning to the public life; you have to listen to load of stupid conversation everyday. I've never been a headphone kinda girl, but I think these days are over. And I'm ready to quit public life again, not really at least quit listening. 2. CAEDEN Linea No.2 is super elegant (you know me I'm all about the appearance). And since Soo Joo Park is their face, I'm convinced that if I wear them I would be just as cool.  My sister thinks fanny bags are... well, let me put it in a nicer way: they aren't very attractive. Seriously, I don't care, It has been three years since I saw (and loved) Rachel Zoe's fanny bags, and nothing changed since. I found this 3. Loeffler Randall earlier this year, and I think I found my soulmate * not really, just when I started writing this post, I found out that it is sold out, but I'm not going to search for another fanny bag, not today. Another thing that sold out many times since the beginning of this month. Is this red dress from 4. UNIQLO + Lemaire, if this isn't available you can buy my the green skirt form the same collection. With all the studying I'm really tired, and I love green. So, I think I'm in desperate need for this 5. Ying Yu Roller. Or if you feeling to make me even tiered you can buy my 6. Rolling Pin to make home made pizza with my daughter. Maybe 7. a straw hat seems far from any one's expectations with temperature dropping down. But in my head I'm always in a vacation in a beautiful breezy place. And lastly, a beautiful book, has the magic to bring life to any lifeless room. 8. Cherry Blossoms maybe far from now, but at the end they well eventually come. 

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