Giftable #1

We don't celebrate christmas. However, as I said many times here; We love gifts (in both detractions) We love to receive (of course), and we love to give them away. Actually, finding gifts is my favorite activity. So, why not to create a gift guide in this time of the year, for any occasion you may celebrate wherever you are. 

  1. Bluetooth Shower Speaker I was eyeing these shower speakers for ages. I don't play music in the shower, but I think they make a great gift. So, luckily I found out that my younger brother love to play music while he is in the shower. Finally, my greatest gift idea came true. 
  2. Tumi VOYAGEUR $265 Tumi in general, is my husband's favorite store. *It's a mystery* But this does mean that I can tell you everything they have in their store (not really). I found this (kinda shapeless) carryon bag and I think it's chic yet durable. With this bag I don't think I'll worry if someone wasn't so nice to my luggage. (Yes I watched those guys who load luggages in the plane from waiting areas. And yes I do curse them secretly for been ruthless with my luggages). 
  3. KUSMI Rose Green Tea $16.95 nuff said it's rose. Seriously, if elegance can come as a drink, it would be this tea. 
  4. Framed Stitchery Hook $20 to be honest, I don't think someone in her/his right mind wouldn't like these hooks. 
  5. Printed Bear Toy $19.95 I know it supposed to be children's toy, but who cares? I was just as happy as my LG was with this bear. 
  6. One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories by B.J. Novak $15.25 I ordered the audio version of this book just because I had credit on I enjoyed the book very much. However, I think it is a book I would enjoy even more if I was reading it. 
  7. SterlingPro 8 Cup French Press $29.95 No kidding, french press is one of my greatest discoveries in this year. I know people have use it for almost a century, but I mean "discovery" on personal level. It makes the finest coffee with no much needed skills. 
  8. The Art Book $41.94 Collecting art maybe is not the cheapest hubby in the world. But You can have most of the greatest art pieces on your coffee table with this book. 
  9. Korres The Brightest Skin Wild Rose Collection $48 I tried the sleeping facial from this collection and I liked it. I made my mom to try it an she asked me to buy her one after she finished the one we bought together. (Side note; my mother rarely uses any skincare let alone finishing it). 
  10. Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black Rollerball & Lip Set $29 I admit I love this perfume, and everytime I think of buying the big size I just can't when I see the adorable rollerball one. 
  11. Michael Kors Slim Black Watch $195 I'm not a watch kinda person. But I'm pretty sure many will appreciate this gift.  
  12. Alfred Hitchcock: The Masterpiece Collection [Blu-ray] $59.93 For the movie lover in your life. this gift would sure make them happy. I know I would be happy to receive this set. 
  13. BEN SHERMAN Hat and scarf Gift Box $17 I got my husband smiler gift set, from another brand (unfortunately it's sold out now) He was very happy, and loved the idea very much. 

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