As everything else; MWiP have been absent from this blog for quite some time, and it is for the same excuse: real life doesn't always agree with my digital life. Nonetheless, I'm really trying to resume the MWiP as soon as I can. However, here are some "major" (well, sorta) stuff happened in my life from the few past weeks. 

1. My sisters as generous, as they are gave my LG this map/rug. I have always loved to know and travel the world. So, I'm hoping she will love to know more about the world. Also, to be able to travel and enjoy the wonderful things out there. 2. I got my new year calendar sorted. I found this pain chips on that I liked. To be honest I'm not crazy about the quality of the papers. But still I think it's fun. 3. I have empty every cabinet in my kitchen for the pest guy. It was one hell of a day. 4. Some Pacifica candles from Cyber Monday. 5. Tiny classic books from Marbles. 6. Finally, got a membership from our town's public library. 7. Got this water floss from CVS. I was looking for water floss for the longest time. Now I'm happy, but don't be fooled by the woman on the box. You can't use this with open mouth. Otherwise, you will end up with water splash everywhere. (You can find it HERE on Amazon too). 7. Yes, I couldn't resist these stupid Laudrée tiny angel figure. 

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