Catch-Up Volum III

Every now and then I print some of the pictures that I have on my phone into small albums. And the ones that don't make it to any album probably are going to end up here. And yes, this a procedure to avoid "the storage is almost full" message I receive from Apple every single day. 

1. I made my own box of beauty samples in BirchBox store in Chelsea NYC. 2. It's Fútbol time. 3. I tried to sell this on eBay, but it didn't sell. (if you like it tell me and I'll relist it). 4. Finelly, I got a new luggage bag, I searched for so long, And I end up with this one from Lipault. I'll be traveling home in about month and a half and I think I would like to make a post about things I do and take while traveling. 5. My first BH Cosmetics purchase, and it is for brown eyes. 6. I love making gifts, this one was for a friend who had a new baby boy.  7. We went to Puerto Rico, and it was a lovely trip. 8. This is what my daughter is watching all day now, and I think I became an expert in the world of blind bags and egg surprises. 

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