Catch-Up Volume II

With Apple getting worse and worse with their storage. I think I need to do this catch up post more often. I swear I need to delete some of my pictures every other day.  Now I don't have Youtube, amazon, eBay, paypal apps on my iPhone, and still I receive "no storage" message everytime I use my phone. 

1. #BlackLivesMatter on Broadway, New York. 2. Cool diner in Baltimore (The PaperMoon Diner) everything was good except for the delay in serving food. 3. Seems great, I didn't try the massage candle I got from them yet. However, the smell and the way they display their products is super nice. (I'll try to write a post in the next week). 4. The idea of falafel pizza sounds cool, and the taste is not less cooler than the idea itself. 5. Some Physicians Formula I'm using and enjoying in the past couple of months. 6. She was super exited with her birthday gift (a shopping cart). She want to take it every where; houses, stores even to the airport. 7. Bought this beautiful dainty zodiac ring from an Etsy store. I enjoyed it for a week before my daughter turned it to wire again. If you are super careful, get one they make you want to hold your own hand all the time. This may doesn't sounds sane to you, but you will understand what I mean if you get one. 8. And she thinks she needs this tiny carry-on. 

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