Lierac Phytolastil Anti-Stretch Mark Solution

There are some skin problems I just can't believe there will be a product on the shelves will cure. Sometimes I came up with my decision after trying so many product with same premise yet, there is no result. Other times it just seems ridiculous to believe some problems would diminish by using certain product; No I don't believe a cream would give me firm thighs! Last fall I was wandering in CVS (as per usual). And there was %70 on this french brand called Lierac. To be honest I wasn't looking for anything in particular. But I saw the offer, and from my prevues experience with french products, I decided to give some of the products a go. (most of the product we use back in my home is European brands). 

Let me say; I wasn't a believer in products that it says, it will make you to get rid of stretch mark. I had that believe that the only solution for stretch marks is preventive treatment, like using butter or oils during your pregnancy, or even in a daily basis, when you're not pregnant. However, this product proved me wrong. I would've love to show you before & after pictures, put the marks where on my thighs and I kinda felt it's not a good shoot. So, please trust me when I said they are completely gone. I have to say, I wasn't suffering from severe case of stretch marks. I only had few on my inner thigh from changing wight during pregnancy (and obviously I was neglecting that area during that period). 
I was using it after every shower (which is not a daily routine for me). You can see I only used tis much and there are any left.
I had to say there was absolutely no exception when purchasing this stretch marks solution. My only motive was testing out a product reduced from $33 to $10. And have a final verdict in this whole stretch marks erasers. Gladly, I'm here to tell you, that not all stretch mark solutions are myth.

Here is the ingredients listed, if you are wondering what's in the magical bottle: 

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