Empties #4| May 15

I think by the end of this month I'll be out of everything. I was saying how slow I go through stuff, and I still stand by this statement. However, I believe there is conspiracy going on where is companies somehow managed to synchronize my usage to force me to consume more than my usual beauty/ health budget. 

Nuxe Prodigieux le parfum
I've included this perfume in my 2014 beauty favorites. Love this fragrance. I think it's year around kinda perfume. It's sweet, but not sickly sweet (just enough sweetness). Florally, but not too florally. I would describe it as walk in a garden. Warm, but not spicy warm. It's humid kinda warm. Do you remember when I wrote about Longwood Gardens ? Well, if you can't go there, order Nuxe Praodigieux and enjoy the experience (minus the visual part). 

Mineral Fusion Natural Anti Dandruff Mineral Shampoo
I wasn't happy with this one, you can read all about my feelings regarding this product in HERE. I wont say any more. 

Essence Maximum Defintion Mascara
Really, it was an O.K. mascara. Nothing special. I don't think I would repurchase again. I was searching for skinny wand (still looking for skinny good mascara wand). And I thought it would make my dreams come true, but no. 

Stridex Daily Care Acne Pads
I don't suffer from severe acne. I get some breakouts now and then, but nothing major. I don't think I'm the perfect candidate to test these pads. I used them whenever, I had breakout I don't know if they helped to fasting the healing process, or to help reduce acnes marks. But for the price (less than $5 from CVS) I would repurchase. 

Caudalie Premier Cru The Elixir
I received this tiny sample from Sephora. I would say there is (3-4) uses in this tiny thing. I can't say I can give final verdict in such small amount. But it felt very nice using this serum. My skin felt tighter after using it (in a good way). But for almost $100, I don't think I would buy the full size. I'm in my late 20's and I think my skin would do just fine with less expensive products. (I won't mind to receive it as a gift though). 

Andalou Naturals Argan and Omega Natural Glow 3 in 1 Treatment
I liked this product very much. Smells very divine (not that it mutters). Feels very nice and rich enough to hydrate still, it absorbed reasonably fast. I think I can't enjoy traditional, lotion-y like products after using this one. The only reason why I'm not repurchasing this just now, is because I love to try new things. But sure I'll be back  to this one soon. 

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