The Good, The Bad and The Meh (Hair Edition)

The last couple of years (after we moved in here) my hair start behaving in a very weird way. If hair can be human being, I would say it was in its teenage year (absolutely out of control, and unexpected).  And I can assure you, it's not weather nor water problem. Because I've been through so many seasons, and different cities/ states. 

Also, in the past two years, I've tried so many hair product/ natural remedies which makes me kinda expert. My hair type is: curly/ wavy, I would say it's more in the "fine" side. And easily get frizzy, yet I have oily scalp. And most importantly, I suffer from dandruff since I remembered. 

Mineral Fusion Natural Anti Dandruff Mineral Shampoo: I figured in order to treat my hair, maybe I should've addressed my dandruff issue. First I used apple cider vinegar in rotation with flex oil. They really did helped somehow. However, the smell and the convince of use wasn't the best. So, I give this shampoo a go. The dandruff started to show on my hair. It used to be stocked on my scalp, now my head looks like a starry night. At first I thought it start to remove it from my scalp. However, I've been using it for months now. And nothing changes. If it was really removing the build ups of dandruff it must reached my skull by now. It's just not working for me. And for a shampoo that calls "anti-dandruff" is just doing very bad in this department. 

Klorane Shampoo with Peony: For solving the same issue; I tried Klorane shampoo. Yes I have dandruff, but I've never suffered from itching or irritated scalp. But then why not? Maybe I lost my sense of feeling. This shampoo smells very very nice. cleaned my hair. Still, didn't solve my dandruff problem nor controlled my crazy hair. It was nice, but still not cheap to just buy it for being nice. Will, it was kinda meh for doing what I wanted from it. 

Acure Organics Moisturizing Root Repair Argan Stem Cell + Mint: I mentioned this one in my 2014 favorite. Simply, I can call this product a savior. I really didn't know what to do with my hair. I even asked my hair dresser and she wasn't that much of help. Finally decided to move from attacking dandruff to solve the problem from its root. Maybe I need some moisture to tame my frizzy hair, even though I have oily scalp. I was browsing Vitacost, and came cross this miracle maker. I'm so happy that I found it, I don't think we can live apart now. You can find it HERE or HERE on Vitacost website. 

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